Meet Kristina


I'm hoping you've stopped here because you like what you see & you really want someone who is more than a random/temporary face behind a camera. If you want a friend. Someone you're comfortable grabbing coffee with & being yourself with. Someone you can trust to guide you even just a little out of your comfort zone & journey with for some dope images. Someone to be honest about what can be done, what we may need to work around but promise to give MY BEST IMAGES: Pull up a chair. Let's hang.

I'm the hands that hold your train as we hike through a field, the heart that excites with each vow read, the eyes that ugly cry during your first look, the feet that follow you around throughout the biggest day of your life, never to miss a moment you'll want to re-live. I'm the mind that dreams up how to craft those intimate moments, the creative soul & lover of people who will go hard for you, your special moments & crazy gorgeous images. I want to make something you'll love for a lifetime, an image that takes you right back to that epic moment. So let's grab some coffee or tacos--or both; let's talk about your heart & vision for our time together. I GO HARD for my couples, we're gonna get real cozy, we're gonna be friends. A 2 on the Enneagram, tell it like it is with hopefully a little more grace than edge. I speak in memes & love Jesus. I love people. I love the real moments. The one's I can't make up. This is me. Let's make something goooooood....


"God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness"

Mark Denman