THIS IS ME. Mom. Wife. Lover of people & living for Jesus, family & dope connections. My passion for photography, weddings, couples, intimate & milestone connections runs deep. I wasn’t one of those photographers who has always had a love of photography. I wasn’t carrying around my grandpa’s camera since I was age 6, falling in love with images & the art of this all at a young age. That’s not where I started. I first fell in love with relational beginnings. Getting to know folks, building foundations on long talks, hanging out every chance we get, welcoming you into my home, feeding you, praying with you, running to your side when you need someone & celebrating you from near or far. I grew up in a big Mexican-American family in San Jose, Ca and there was always someone around. You were never alone even if you desperately needed some space ha! Family was always over, your cousins were basically siblings that went home every now and then & the language was always of love, bonds & respect. So you see, I’m a CA girl now a Texas livin’ mother of three and wife of 10 years who learned how to use a camera to foster those relationships in a new way. I’m loyal, dedicated to family & good times. I give 110% of myself to what I prioritize & my work is my passion. My clients become family, my family is my heart. I know welcoming someone into your most intimate moments can be nerve-wracking. Your wedding day or engagement session. It’s often the first or only time you have EVER had professional photo’s taken and believe me, I understand how nerve-wracking or awkward or downright weird it can feel. We can be weird together. I’m the worst in FRONT of the camera so behind the lens, I know how to get every comfortable. We get the “first date” jitters out of the way at your engagement session an honesty, we have a lot of fun. Come wedding day? We hang out, we soak the day in, we have a blast & take some time to capture the essence of you, your love & your defining moments. It’s pretty sweet guys. I’m honored to walk along side you during some of the biggest moments in your life. It’s all love here. We play, we talk, we laugh, maybe even; no definitely tear up & so enjoy this process. My hope is that not only does your heart just burst with joy when you get your galleries, my hope is that in that exact moment you’re eyes are taking in all the glory of your big day, your heart is reminded of exactly how you felt in that moment. Everything else is the icing on top. Can we please be friends?!