So you’ve take the deep breath and considered really investing in your wedding photography but don’t know where to start? How much does this all actually cost…what’s too much and what is just not enough? Well, take another breath & rest assured, your investment will be well placed here with me. 

I understand how daunting the whole wedding planning process can be and I am to truly make this as painless as possible. I know without a shadow of a doubt, as you take a step of faith, placing your trust in me & sowing that seed into your images….you can bet on this girl. No one will work harder, treat your family like family or join so humbly in prayer with you on your wedding day like me. I’m truly touched when couples say “yes” to allowing me to come along side them on one of the most important days of their lives and into some pretty intimate moments….to capture the sweet touches of a great grandma, the mother daughter dance because dad has passed on, the glances that only two best friends like you guys could make during the maid of honor speech. The heirlooms you carry as your something “old”, the laughs between old college friends & the epic dance floor moments you wish you could hold onto forever. THOSE feelings, I get it. I see them. I capture them. For forever… I am a 2 on the enneagram so this “feeler” always serves from the heart, takes care of you & cries during the vows. Yes, actual tears! Because we get to have an engagement session, a coffee date or two and endless gif text chats, but the time wedding day rolls around I am another friend there for the day, the awkwardness has faded & best believe I’m gettin down with y’all for one song heyoooo

 My heart is big, my work ethic strong & relationships my love language. So if you’re asking yourself, “is this worth it…can we trust her….will this pay off…?” My answer is absolutely, yes! Long after our time spent together on your wedding day, after the engagement session and sparkler exit…’ll keep these images for generations to come. The memories will last. The sweet moments live on…

Let’s do this!!

Wedding Coverage

starts at $2200

Elopement Coverage

starts at $1000

Portrait Sessions

engagements/families/couples $450.

Branding/Headshot Collections

start at $450


Let’s gig.

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